How Long Can You Wear Makeup After Microneedling?


Suppose you look to have microneedling done on your facial skin because of your struggles regarding acne, scarring, lines and wrinkles, large pores, discoloration, loose skin, or other issues. In that case, you will be happy to know that microneedling can be an excellent solution for those issues. However, you also realize that you will need to avoid doing certain things right after your treatment. For example, one of the everyday things that those looking into microneedling wonder is when they can wear makeup. That is a legitimate concern because there is a timeline of when you can wear makeup again after the procedure.

When Can You Begin Using Makeup Again After The Microneedling Procedure?

You can already imagine that you cannot put makeup on the same day of your microneedling procedure, and you need to clean it off before your session. You also cannot apply makeup on your face the day after your microneedling treatment. As a matter of fact, you will need to wait for 48 to 72 hours after the treatment before you begin to apply any makeup to your face.

The reason for that type of wait is because even though it is essential to keep your skin moisturized, it is highly not recommended to use pigmented products. After all, it will irritate your skin further. The last thing you want is that you deal with more skin irritation after your microneedling session. However, as counterintuitive as this sounds, you can use tinted sunscreen or moisturizer within 24 hours after your procedure.

Why Is That Time Frame Important?

When you want to correct your complexion, you want to use a foundation, so your skin appears natural and healthy. However, the formulation of the foundation does not bode well if you just had a microneedling session within 48 hours. That is because makeup, including foundation, consists of oils and minerals that will block pores, and it will also get in the way of the natural shedding of skin after the treatment. That will only make it more difficult for your skin to heal.

It is essential that your skin breathes and recovers from the tiny needle punctures you had during the treatment. However, after 24 hours of the procedure, your skin will be in such a condition that it can handle some tinted products such as sunscreen or moisturizer. At that point, you are still not ready to take the makeup. However, once 48 to 72 hours pass after your procedure, there will be enough healing of the outermost layer of your skin to the point that you can begin wearing regular makeup that will not interfere with your recovery. Therefore, it is worth the wait if you want to make the most of your microneedling session, and it takes just a little bit of patience. However, there are some products aside from sunscreen or moisturizer on your face after your microneedling session. Let’s talk about that now.

What Can You Apply To Your Face After Microneedling?

You already know that you can put tinted moisturizer and sunscreen a day after your microneedling session as the pigments in them will not interfere with the healing. Besides, you need to keep your skin moisturized, and even though you should not spend time in the sun right after your session, you need all of the protection you need just from going out. Therefore, the products you can and should use on your face will not only not pose any danger from interfering with your healing but will promote recovery. In addition, the products to use will encourage skin health and help keep your skin moisturized, which will help minimize irritation during your vulnerable period. The products you can use are:

Organic coconut oil – The substance is excellent for helping to not only moisturize your skin, but it contains nutrients that will help promote recovery quicker. You can apply organic coconut oil two to three times a day to moisturize your skin, and it is suitable for sensitive skin as other moisturizers may be more irritating.

Hyaluronic acid – Even though the practitioner will instruct you not to use acids on your face, hyaluronic acid is one exception. Firstly, you naturally make this acid, and secondly, it helps with collagen production and locks in moisture. Talk to your dermatologist about how often to use it after your session.

Aloe Vera – The substance is excellent to use on your skin after microneedling because it helps heal burns, dryness, irritation, and abrasions. Therefore, it protects the outermost layer of your skin and can help speed up healing and minimize pain.

Hydrocortisone cream – If you struggle with skin irritation and it gets to the point it is distracting to you, you can use hydrocortisone cream as it helps to minimize discomfort. It can also help regenerate your skin. In addition, it can reduce the effects of redness, peeling, and itching.

Mild cleanser – You will not be able to use your regular cleanser for the first three days of your treatment. However, you can use gentle cleansers that do not contain harsh ingredients, such as acids and sulfates. In addition, you can use oil-based cleansers that will not cause extra dryness or strip your natural skin oils.

You may also want to take advantage of those products to help with healing and to help minimize any discomfort.


Suppose you feel microneedling will benefit you because you struggle with acne‘, scarring, loose skin, discoloration, aging skin, large pores, among other imperfections. In that case, you are right, and you will want to speak with your dermatologist. However, you will also have to realize that you will need to make some sacrifices to heal after the procedure if you wish to have a smooth recovery after the treatment. One of the sacrifices to make will be to not wear makeup for 48 to 72 hours after your treatment because makeup will interfere with your healing. However, there are other products you can and should use within that time frame to help recovery. The wait will be worth it.