Coconut Oil- Overview

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Coconut oil is excellent for use as a massage oil. It creates a barrier against infection, make the skin smoother, prevents wrinkling and age spots. Oil small molecules makes it easily absorbed by the skin and thus have a softening effect.
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In order to deal with dry, grovporig and wrinkled skin, the oil is a good tool. Even in eczema and psoriasis have coconut oil proved to be very helpful.

One of the classic signs of aging is as brown spots (liver spots) shows in the skin, lipofucin, the result of oxidation of unsaturated fats by means of free radicals. To prevent the formation of lipofusinpigment and possibly reduce the number of spots use coconut oil both out – and internists. The oil helps to keep connective tissues strong and soft to the skin is not sagging and wrinkled.

In some cases it can also repair damaged skin, the oil absorbs the connective tissue cell structure, it penetrates deeply and strengthens the underlying tissues. The oil is also excellent as hårstärkande means to combat dandruff. Heat the oil in water bath hair mask.

Coconut oil is very resistant when heated. It begins to oxidise first over 198 degrees. Use coconut oil for sauteing the vegetables to the roasting meat and fish, to the salad dressing.

At the daily intake of coconut oil may notice a slight increase in blood pressure and body temperature. The reason is the increase in metabolism associated with the combustion of medium-length fatty acids.

The energy increases and it becomes easier to take on the tasks it is facing. When you become accustomed to the energy level coconut oil creates, you will eat less foods containing sugar and starch. The body regulates and manages the adaptation: a natural transition to a healthier diet marketing. A proper therapeutic dose is 3-4 tablespoons per day (in dementia 5 tablespoons per day, evenly spread throughout the day). This meets a sufficient supply of lauric acid to build up the immune system and energize the brain as it can assimilate.

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