Good, healthy, healthier – coconut butter in all its forms

Coconut butter in all its forms, good for the body in many different ways. Here we take a deeper look at this special oil. What makes it so healthy and how do you use it?


Lauric acid is almost 50% of coconut oil fatty acids, it is burned in the liver and helps to protect against viral and bacterial attack. Just lauric acid is considered to affect health most positively.
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Caprylic acid is a fatty acid that is also found in breast milk. It promotes the growth of good intestinal bacteria help the immune system and protects against infections and prevents Candida (a bad fungus that can occur in the gut).

These two fatty acids help the body and gives the oil its health properties. Coconut oil is also said to help restore the body fats, balance insulin levels and protect the liver.

How much and when should I eat coconut oil? Take 2-5 tablespoons distributed over the day, eat as it is or mix it into food.

How does coconut oil from other oils? The most obvious difference is that coconut oil is liquid at room temperature. First at about 25 degrees melted coconut oil to coconut oil. The reason is coconut oil breakdown of saturated, unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It contains mostly saturated fats.

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But saturated fats should be avoided, or? Yes, but there are different kinds of saturated fats, and coconut oil is a saturated fat with short fatty chains that the body can break down without biliary have to work, and the healthy fatty acids also help the body to function better.

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Facts on Coconut Oil

Coconut oil you can buy today are produced in three different ways:

– Cold Pressed

– Hot-Pressed

– Extracted / refined

The best coconut oil for the body is cold-pressed oil, and it must be organic. You should not choose any other option. A cold pressed coconut oil retains essential fatty acids and heat-sensitive vitamins. Coconut oil should have the natural coconut smell and taste remain, and the color should be white or slightly pale yellow. The greatest benefit by

– Eaten as it is

– Mixed in food that is not heated

– Used in home-made skin care and hair care

Usually referred to as coconut oil virgin or extra virgin when it is raw, like an olive.

The organic aroma and flavor free coconut oil is also good. When the taste and smell should disappear treated oil by steam distillation. The oil is then divided, and only certain fatty acids remain. The oil is processed at high temperatures (180-270 degrees) between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. Coconut oil is more stable, better durability, and becomes a product without odor or taste. Is coconut oil organic initially becomes not less organic, although distilled.

The aroma and flavor free oil is more suitable to use for:

Roasting, baking and food that is heated

The skin where the smell and taste is not desirable

As a base oil for massage

As a basic ingredient for soaps, lotions, ointments, bath oil, bath salts, etc.

It is good as a carrier for essential oils

For hårinpackningar

For its anti-septic and anti-bacterial ability

A customer on our facebook page were advised to make their own spread with coconut oil. Then the aroma / flavor-free coconut oil is very good. You get a full-fledged alternative to margarine where coconut husband may not always fit.

Temperatures and coconut oil

Coconut oil recommended for frying because it can withstand high temperatures, but it is not the whole truth. A virgin oil can not handle the same temperature (177 degrees), the distilled oil can handle about 200 degrees and is better to use. Why is it like that?

The oil’s smoke point says to

When heating oil is the temperature to a point where the oil smokes to. It is the temperature of the oil’s smoke point. When it reaches rykpunkten begun trans fats to form, taste and nutritional value deteriorates. A virgin oil contains fatty acids that are more sensitive trans fats at a lower temperature. Reach rykpunkten, pour the oil out and start over before you start frying.

More applications

Using coconut oil for eczema and relieve psoriasis.

Itching of minor skin rash alleviated quickly with coconut oil.

Try to keep the athlete’s foot, it is said to have good effect.

Coconut oil softens the skin, reduces wrinkles and blemishes. During the winter it is good then the skin can be extra dry. The skin becomes smooth, it works the entire body.

Even the face where you can rub under the eyes to reduce swelling, bags and wrinkles.

Dandruff by massaging little coconut oil on the scalp, let it sit for at least 10 minutes or overnight if you drop sleeping with swimming cap and towel over your pillow. Shampoo as usual.

Coconut oil as a hair mask

The hair is matted, spiky, dry or dull coconut oil can help as a hair mask. It’s very simple and makes the hair soft and fine.

A treatment with coconut oil is moisturizing and something you do before showering or going to sleep. You need:

– Coconut Oil

– Hair Clip

– Shower Cap

– Heating (if you want)

Do this:

– Take a handful of coconut oil in your hand

– Distribute it in the hair so the hair becomes saturated with oil

– Depending on how far you’ve come, you may need different amounts of oil and even having to use hårklämman to put your hair up.

– Put on a shower cap and let sit for at least 30 minutes, or 15 minutes if you heat with a hair dryer. Warms you with the hairdryer penetrating oil into the hair better.

You will need to wash the hair at least twice to remove oil, focusing on scalp and be careful with the hair ends. Treatment can you do as often as you want.