The List of Non-Comedogenic Oils And All Their Benefits

Introduction Many people want to make sure that they can keep their skin nourished and moisturized, especially during the dry seasons such as late fall and throughout most of the winter, to promote dry and cracking skin. They also want to find a nourishing moisturizer that works well to hydrate skin. One of the oils … Read more

10 Great Benefits of a Facial

benefits of a facial

Do we ever need an excuse to pamper and treat ourselves? As much as we’d like to, sometimes we simply just don’t have the time to give our bodies the loving it needs. In case you needed some convincing, here are 10 great benefits of a facial. Take some time to read and learn about … Read more

Hair Straightening Brush VS Flat Iron: Which is Better?

Introduction Flat irons existed for a long time, and the appeal with these tools is that they work quickly and efficiently. The only problems with flat irons are that they are notorious for damaging hair. That is why today, they come with ceramic plates and ionic technology to help reduce the hair damage they cause. … Read more

How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweating

Underarm excess sweating, additionally called axillary hyperhidrosis, is a medicinal condition where there’s dripping of sweat on the armpits together with a persistent odor. Even the most powerful deodorants won’t normally take care of the odor. Extreme underarm sweating can be by itself or can come with another kind of hyperhidrosis, that can also incorporate … Read more

Everything You Want to Know About Hair Extensions

best clip in hair extensions

Short hair, don’t care? While some women prefer staying short, others like the look of long luscious locks. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Yet studies have shown that men view women with longer hair as being healthy and possessing good genetics. Regardless of what the opposite sex finds attractive, women care … Read more