50 tips and things you can do with coconut oil

Coconut oil is undoubtedly health gold! Incredibly soothing and the perfect lubricant for the brain. It has been shown that the distribution of the various fatty acids are unique to coconut and is not stored in the body as fat but instead converted to energy in the cells. Coconut oil is also anti-inflammatory.


Why is there a difference between cold-pressed coconut oil (coconut oil) and coconut with silver covers that you buy in the refrigerated counter in the supermarket? Well, process oils to heat and pressure changes the fatty acids, and when they do not fit into the body’s biochemistry. Cold Pressed Coconut fat / oil contains a lot of saturated fatty acids and therefore keeps the oil well even in warmer climes. You can have it in room temperature, because the fatty acids do not react with oxygen in the air. Coconut fat is also ideal for frying because it can withstand high heat. Coconut oil and gee (pure ghee) takes at least ironing when you heat it up.


Coconut oil can be used to satisfy sugar cravings and have so many other uses. We on the editorial board began discussing how we used coconut oil and what we seen others use it and the list was long.
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How can you use coconut oil? Here are our top 50 tips:

50 tips and trim with coconut oil

1. Baking and cooking and as a substitute to butter.


2. Body Lotion


3. Remove eye makeup with


4. To reduce the color of age spots on the skin.


5. To shore up your hypothyroidism


6. Making of mayonnaise


7. Massage


8. Coconut oil contains high levels of lauric acid that helps increase metabolism


9. Night Cream to the face.


10. Instead of Lypsyl / lip balm.


11. Hair mask


12. Against athlete’s foot and chapped feet


13. Lactating women chapped nipples feel better with coconut oil.


14. Relieves psoriasis and eczema.


15. There is some evidence that regular consumption of coconut oil can prevent or reverse Alzheimer’s


16. There is some evidence that coconut oil helps digestion and can even kill intestinal parasites or yeast.


17. Mix a tablespoon with a tablespoon of chia seeds for an all-day energy boost (NOTE: Do not take this at night!)


18. Can help improve the levels of insulin


19. Mix a tablespoon of hot tea to help speed recovery from colds or flu


20. As a replacement for vegetable oils in all recipes


21. Better for high temperature cooking than olive oil or vegetable oil


22. May reduce the appearance of varicose veins.


23. Can help to accelerate the healing of sunburn


24. As a natural lubricant that does not disturb vaginal flora.


25. At shaving


26. The anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce arthritis


27. Can reduce the itching of mosquito bites


28. Can help to get rid of acne when used regularly


29. Mixed with salt to remove dry skin on the feet.


30. Can help speed weight loss when consumed daily


31. Can help improve sleep when taken daily.


32. Can be used to accelerate the healing of fungal infections both inside and outside.


33. A tablespoon melted into a cup of hot tea can help relieve sore throat


34. In order to soothe the itch of chickenpox.


35. It has been found that coconut oil could increase the absorption of calcium and magnesium


36. Natural deodorant


37. As safe cooking oil when frying.


38. Many testify to relief of depression and anxiety


39. Can be hot tea with ginger to soothe heartburn or nausea


40. Baby Lotion


41. When taken regularly, it can help to relieve candida


42. Rub elbows daily to relieve dry and flaky elbows.


43. Can increase circulation and help those who often feel cold


44. Improves digestion when you take a teaspoon before meals.


45. Smoothies, it also provides extra boost to health.


46. ​​Constipation


47. Instead of coffee cream


48. Making sugar Ice Chocolate coconut oil, cocoa, coconut and licorice powder, but the store in the freezer


49. Making toothpaste


50. Many reports about how coconut oil helped people with memory difficulties. The US has started to give Alzheimer’s patients coconut oil with very good results